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My choice

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Soooooo, I just wanted to share one of the things that has been becoming more clear as I let myself experience it. I realized that I was wasting a lot of energy trying to resist and control circumstances out of my control. In my case, working for the school system, having a boss who decides when I can or can’t come in to set up my room. The list is endless. I found that the more I resisted and complained,the more I was out of control of my energy, my emotions and my state of mind. I realized that I had the power not to control but to choose where I was going to invest my physical, mental, and emotional energy. I chose to invest it in experiences based in the present moment, such as walking my dog, playing Mancala with Emily, plant sitting, observing nature.
By making this choice, I have noticed I am not anxious anymore about what my boss decides, about my assignment, about what kind of students I get. I just let it go. As one of my teachers once said: ” I am going with the flow” ( Diana Santiago). In so much gratitude for all the beings that have crossed my path and the lessons they have given me. Namaste.


when I begin to live  without expectations, every unexpected event is a gift and an adventure. I find myself more open to people and situations when I don’t have a plan, a sketch on how it should look like, of how I should react and feel. This allows me to be present and breath in the experience. It is a work in progress

Hello World

Hi everyone!!

This is my next adventure. I woke up this morning with so many things to say, so many thoughts. I had been thinking of writing my own way of seeing the world.Therefore, I decided to create this  blog.  I hope you will find a word or a phrase that inspires you to look deeper and live fully.

Much love,